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Many of the products we use to get clean and hydrate our skin – soaps, facial cleansers, lotions, – might be doing us, and life on this planet, more harm than good.

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The Problem

Many of the products we use to get clean and hydrate our skin – soaps, facial cleansers, lotions, – might be doing us, and life on this planet, more harm than good. 

Your skin is constantly absorbing materials it comes in contact with – dirt, soap, lotion, etc. In fact, did you know you don’t just breathe through your nose and mouth, but through your skin as well? From there the absorbed materials are passed to the blood stream with the potential to help, or harm, your body. Luckily, you have the choice to only use skincare products which nourish your body. But that’s not all.

Our planet is alive – just like us – and like us it absorbs materials it comes in contact with. Everything our skin doesn’t absorb is eventually washed or rubbed off. Your shower water – and the chemicals it often carries – is conveniently drained away, then deposited right into the soil. The materials it carries are washed into the planet’s water systems – which plants, animals, and humans need to survive.

So our daily skincare routines and personal pampering – both of which are very important – have the potential to harm us and, more importantly, all the life around us. But humanity got itself into this mess, and we can get ourselves out! We must.

What's in Your Bathwater?

Some consequences of
commercial production


Harmful Ingredients

Many commercial products contain hazardous ingredients that end up doing more harm than good. Common hazardous chemicals include parabens, pthalates, and sulfates. Using products with chemicals like these not only harm your skin in the long-run, they're also known to cause hormonal issues and even organ toxicity. Read more about it here!

Harming Life

From the beginning of the production process, life is being harmed. Many commercial companies test their products on animals to determine if their products are toxic to living creatures aka toxicology testing. If this isn't bad enough, once you washed away the harmful chemicals typically found in these products, they continue to do harm by affecting nature, particularly sea life once rinsed down your drain.



Harming the Planet

Commercial skincare products are produced with the purpose of increasing profits. They are made in large quantities using cheap ingredients and non-recycled packaging. Most of the mass production by-products end up in the ocean or other waterways where they poison the living animals and contaminate the ground, hindering life in that spot for generations to come.

The Solution

We Live By...

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Helping Life

The Riverdance Soapworks team is filled with creative spirits dedicated to advancing life of all forms. We exist to better the earth and the lives of all her inhabitant's. Humans enjoy a place on this earth which we share with all the varied manifestations of life around us. Our position as caretakers is a privilege and a responsibility; one which we do not take lightly.

Helpful ingredients

As handcrafters, we seek out the most natural and skin-loving ingredients. Typical products will contain common materials like olive and coconut oil, shea butter, essential oils and raw natural ingredients like lavender buds and coffee!

"What about fragrances?"
We scent our products with essential oils, natural ingredients like rose buds, and natural fragrances that are not harmful to your skin or the planet!

Bottom line? We are passionate about providing a superior skincare experience for everyone. Are you allergic to most fragrances? That's alright! We can make unscented products just for you! Do you have allergies to a specific oil or additive? No problem. We are happy to work with you to accommodate your needs.



Planet-friendly Practices

Every Riverdance Soapworks product is made while putting the planet first. That soap bar in your hand? Yeah, it was made by our hands. Not some big energy-sucking and pollution-producing machine. And the handmade story continues with our bath salts, body butters, and all our other skin-loving products! Following production, our soaps are set aside to “cure” for 4-5 weeks. This allows the bars to lose water content and harden significantly. The resulting hard, compact, superior bar of soap will outlast most commercially manufactured bars.