Our Commitments

The Riverdance Experience is a reflection of over 30 years of commitment, passion and integrity. Our team is filled with creative and healing spirits, driven by a purpose to help people and the planet through consciously crafted bath and body products. Since 1991 we have researched and developed handcrafted all natural soaps using the purest, most sustainably and responsibly harvested raw materials around the world…a recipe your skin will thank you for!

We choose thoughtful, intelligent stewardship of this magnificent planet Earth we call Home. We use ‘green’ production techniques with no hazardous materials created or released into our environment. We adhere to cruelty free research by never testing our products on animals. Our ingredients are sustainably sourced and we strive for zero production waste by preparing and packaging each batch by hand.

We are extremely grateful for each and every one of our faithful, trusting customers. We go the extra mile to give you full value with every purchase. We are here to serve and encourage your comments, questions and suggestions. Ask us about the benefits of wholesome, natural skincare and find out which product will help you glow up!

There really is no substitute for experience. You cannot create it, or imagine it. You must undergo it. Our passion to help people and the planet through consciously crafted bath and body goods has served as both anchor and compass to keep us on course through the evolution of our solid business. 

We Are Committed To
Growing Community

Over 30 years our roots have grown deep into the Western Washington soil. We are grateful to this land and her people, so we give back by buying and hiring local. All our products are locally made by hand and our ingredients come from small businesses also working hard to sustain nature and their community. 

Pure Ingredients

We keep our recipes simple and rooted in nature. For example: Glycerin is a natural byproduct of cold-process soap making. It brings a moisturizing, protective quality to the soap. Commercial manufacturers use loads of energy to remove the glycerin from their soap so they can sell it for a quick buck. They then replace the glycerin in their commercial soaps with harsh chemicals and petroleum products! These synthetic ingredients are detrimental to our immune, reproductive, and respiratory system as well as to our skin, and the planet. The Riverdance proprietary formula contains plant-based oils and butters, as well as extracts, clays, herbs and botanical infusions rich in antioxidants, vitamins and nutrients essential to healthy skin. Healthy skin will provide a natural barrier to germs, impurities, and viruses! Skin can easily be damaged from using harsh chemicals and toxins, leaving you very vulnerable to unwelcome, harmful agents.

Growing Nature

The very same toxic chemicals found in commercial soaps also cause serious damage to planet Earth. Because of their vast use in commercial body care products, dangerous chemicals and petroleum byproducts are commonly found in rivers, oceans, and lakes in ever-rising levels. The bath and body products industry is responsible for contributing significantly to this growing problem. We have taken it upon ourselves to craft delightful bath and body products while benefitting this planet and the life on it. We don’t use dangerous chemicals or petroleum by-products; Our products are crafted by hand with minimal use of fossil fuels and minimal waste; Our packaging is simple and environmentally friendly; and all our ingredients are grown, harvested and transported sustainably. We are making a difference!