Soap Sample Slices

A wonderful assortment of thin soap sample slices you are sure to enjoy! Our assortment of soap sample slices is a mystery! We ship whatever slices we have on hand at the time.



Our handmade soaps are a labor of love. We use unique ingredients in every cold processed soap we make to bring very specific qualities to the final product. After mixing the ingredients we cure our bars for 5 weeks before they are made available for purchase.  Curing allows them to lose water content, making them a long-lasting, hard, more cost-effective option. The final result is a luxurious lather, creamy texture, conditioning properties, and a hardness that makes our soaps last much longer than commercially produced soaps.

Weight20 oz
Dimensions5 × 2.5 × 3.5 in

10 oz, 20 oz


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Soap Sample Slices