SAPONIFICA- WHAT? The Benefits Using Cold Process Soap

Cold Pressed Soap from Riverdance Soapworks

All soaps are not created equal. Have your soap bars ever started breaking down after only a few uses? Or left your skin feeling dry? Yeah, those are the trademarks of skin-damaging soaps. Our soaps don’t do that. The reason has to do with a little something called Saponification and the Cold Process Method.

Saponifica-what?! Saponification is what we call the chemical reaction that produces hard soap. This reaction takes place between the fats in the mixture ingredients (our proprietary blend of saponified oils and butters create an exceptionally nourishing, gentle soap) and the lye in the mixture. Every bar of soap goes through a saponification process; but how the process is carried out greatly affects the end quality of the soap.

Ingredients for the Soap Are Mixed
Ingredients for the Soap Are Mixed

At Riverdance Soapworks we use the Cold Process method to complete the saponification process. Cold processing means we give the soap mixture lots of time to carry out saponification naturally by setting the soaps out to dry or ‘cure’ for 5 to 7 weeks before sale. Many companies speed up the saponification process by adding heat to the reaction. This may seem like a good idea but the heat burns off many of the soap’s nutrient-dense moisturizing fats and reduces the soap’s lifespan. Our cold process soaps last a long time and leave your skin feeling refreshed and rejuvenated thanks to all the nutrients and moisturizing agents packed into each bar.

Cold Pressed Soaps Set Out To Cure
Cold Pressed Soaps Set Out To Cure

The result of heat-based soap processing is a soap bar which breaks down quickly and leaves your skin feeling dry, yuck! Cold Process soap making, on the other hand, gives us complete control over the combination of ‘intentional’ oils, butters, herbs, essential oils, and other ingredients that are put into the soap bars and ensures those healthy ingredients remain active in the final product. It’s the perfect solution for anyone looking for a natural, gentle and rich bar of soap. It may also help with acne problems or skin conditions like dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, seborrhea, and dry skin due to its high concentration of nutritional moisturizing agents!

blueberry soap
Our hydrating cold pressed soaps will have your skin saying ahhhh…

The Cold Process method is more labor-intensive than other methods due to the long drying or curing time, which makes many companies shy away from it. But we happily put in the extra hours because we know the result is a healthier, higher quality soap for you and your family.

So, what are the benefits of the Cold Process soap making method?
✓ Excellent moisturizing abilities
✓ Nutritious, purposeful ingredients
✓ Hard, long-lasting bar

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